Welcome, Rocketship.fm Listener!

We have two great specials for you...

1. Extended Trial

All Rocketship.fm listeners get a 3 month free trial extension that doesn't start until you deploy CloudSponge to your production website.

This way you'll get a nice long window to see that we're having a massive impact on your bottom line.


Each Rocketship.fm listener that deploys CloudSponge to their production website will be entered into a draw for a Parrot SWING minidrone.

After the last episode of Rocketship.fm's "This New Economy" series airs, we'll make a list of everyone who qualifies, so get your trials started now!

CloudSponge Products

Contacts API

Use a single point of integration for dozens of address book providers.

  • Pre-written integration libraries for PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, .Net and ColdFusion.
  • Built-in support for OAuth, OAuth 2.0 and non-OAuth sources, including CSV/VCard parsing and an applet for desktop downloads.
  • REST API with JSON and XML payload formats.
  • Refresh endpoint to download updated contact information at a later date.

Address Book Widget

Let your users access their contacts and connections without leaving your site.

  • Simple JavaScript snippet installation usually takes about 5 minutes.
  • Responsive interface looks beautiful and behaves perfecty on all device types and screen sizes.
  • Populate any element on any page with email addresses, phone numbers or mailing addresses.
  • Write your own JavaScript functions to interact with the address book data or send it to your server.