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Get more sharing options, more functionality, and more performance from your AutomateWoo Refer-a-Friend plugin!

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps


Install Better Sharing for WordPress

Download for free from the WordPress Repo or Dashboard.

Activate AutomateWoo in Settings

Head over to Better Sharing>Integration and toggle it on for AutomateWoo.

Get More Referrals

Double your referral performance with the optional Contact Picker add-on.

Better Referrals, Better Performance


Easy Access To The All-Powerful Contact Picker

Unleash the power of email personalisation for better email open rates and faster conversions by enabling Better Sharing’s absolute must-have add-on – the CloudSponge Contact Picker.

An absolute game-changer to streamline your sharing process, get more referrals, and accelerate the performance of your refer-a-friend program!

Fully Customizable Sharing Options

The Better Sharing plugin lets you choose what sharing channels you want to display or hide. The interface can be used as a whole unit, split up, or as any combination of sharing options you choose.

  • Set up multiple templates to enable/disable ‘Sharing Via Email’, ‘Via Social Media’ or ‘Via Copying a Custom Hyperlink’.
  • Modify or add your own text for headers, CTAs, placeholders, and form fields.
  • Use CSS to customise the look, style, and feel of the interface.
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Better Performance With Personalisation

Create a variety of email templates to serve multiple use cases of your Better Sharing interface. Easily personalise outgoing email body, and subject line with template variables included with the plugin.

  • Preload custom messages into social media buttons.
  • Set up multiple email templates to meet various communication needs.
  • Easily personalise outgoing email body, and subject line with ‘Sender’ details using HTML variables.
  • Enable the CloudSponge Contact Picker to personalise emails using recipient details to drastically improve email open rates

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Better Sharing cost?

Absolutely nothing! Better Sharing for WordPress is a life-time free plugin to help instantly equip your website with a powerful and fully customisable sharing interface. 

Does CloudSponge send emails?

No! CloudSponge only enables users to access their email address book contacts directly from your website. 

Is CloudSponge GDPR Compliant?

Yes it is! CloudSponge stores none of the contacts from address books on its servers and expunges all traces of access once a referral session is complete. Learn more about this here and here

How does Better Sharing improve  the performance of AutomateWoo’s Refer A Friend program?

With additional options to share, like copying-pasting a referral link anywhere on the interner plus integrations with powerful add-ons like our Contact Picker give your users more options to choose from and simplifies the sharing process – to result in upto 4x performance from your referral programs. 

Can I have my brand logo and name show up on the Contact Picker instead of CloudSponge?

Yes you can! The process to get your own brand credentials is different for each email service provider – reach out to us and we can help you get it done.

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