About us

We help companies get introduced to their users' networks.

Your users have the key to your company’s growth locked away in their address books and social networks.

Our products will improve the performance of your referral programs, invitation forms, contact importing workflows and sharing interfaces.

We’ve helped thousands of companies in every industry get more referrals, send more invitations, create stronger social networks and distribute more content.

We Love What We Do

We Love What We Do

Since 2010 our mission has been to be the best single-point of integration for address books and social network connections on the market.

Our products help companies avoid the engineering nightmare of developing and maintaining in-house integrations with address book providers and social networks.

We take pride in the quality of our product and customer service. Please reach out and talk with us about your company’s growth and we’d be happy to work with you to figure out if any of our products can help.

Meet The Team

Jay Gibb
Graeme Rouse
Kevin Willock
Security and DevOps
Preeti Narang
Alfredo Ribeiro
Heather Schwartzman
Dimitar Angelkov
User Experience
George Georgiev
Visual Design
Rael Cunha
Growth and Integrations

Frequent Collaborators

Colin Smith
Content Team
Pawel Grabowski
Content Team
Sheana Ahlqvist
Content Team
Elizabeth Harrison
User Experience
Maxwell Rowe
User Experience
Alex Vasquez
Integrations and DevOps
Meaghan Zore
Justin Kwok
Marketing Collateral
Oren Hatum
Video Content Team

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