About us

We provide a software solution to help e-commerce stores lower customer acquisition costs and double or even triple word-of-mouth sales.

Our focus at CloudSponge is to leverage the functionality of e-commerce:

  • referral programs
  • invitation forms
  • contact importing workflows
  • wishlists
  • coupon sending forms
  • product sharing features

Manually typing out a comma-separated list of email addresses is a time-consuming and tedious process, so we sought out to find a better way to create email recipient lists.

We Love What We Do

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Our business strives to solve a problem – the sharing functionality of e-commerce businesses.

Since our beginning in 2010, we’ve helped thousands of companies in every industry avoid the engineering nightmare of developing and maintaining in-house integrations with address book providers.

With a simple JavaScript plugin, CloudSponge products work to accelerate the success of existing referral programs by giving visitors to your site a quick and easy method to get the word out about your company.

When you install the CloudSponge Contact Picker, customers get access to their own address book and can select recipients from their personal contacts, all without leaving your site.

The CloudSponge Mission

We want to see your company expand and reach new heights, and we accomplish this by creating a customer experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Our mission is to be the best single-point of integration for address books on the market.

We’ve combined years of feedback and case studies to build a high-quality product we are proud to represent.

We understand that user experience has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line, so that’s why our focus is your success.

When working with a company, our team takes the time to individually discuss and evaluate how CloudSponge products can benefit their business.

Our customers are important to us. YOU are important to us.

At CloudSponge, our goal is to make sure you feel heard and have the solutions you need to grow your e-commerce business.

Meet The Team

Jay Gibb
Graeme Rouse
Heather Schwartzman
Head of Customer Success
Rehaan Mohammed
Product Marketing Manager
Kevin Willock
Security and DevOps
Alfredo Ribeiro
Dimitar Angelkov
User Experience
Rael Cunha
Growth and Integrations

Frequent Collaborators

Colin Smith
Content Team
Pawel Grabowski
Content Team
Sheana Ahlqvist
Content Team
Justin Kwok
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