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We want this page to be useful, so we just describe the most notable changes to our Widget and API. Occasionally, we’ve listed a bug fix when it is of interest but usually we skip those so we don’t overwhelm this page.

March, 2017

  • Don’t like javascript alerts? We don’t blame you. Now we support a new new callback that let’s you decide how to let your users know when they’ve tried to select too many contacts. onSelectionLimitReached is for you.
  • Some address books have lots of nameless email addresses. Some have a few. For some reason we used to assume that these contacts were all named “Unknown” but then we asked around and it turns out that we don’t know anybody by that name. So now we use the email address instead of ass-u-me-ing.
  • There was a weird bug on mobile devices on select sites. An empty native select UI would display for contacts with 1 email address and it wouldn’t show up at all for contacts with multiple email addresses. Users may have felt like they had been fed crazy pills. They had not. It was a bug. And we squashed it.

February, 2017

  • We fixed our Microsoft integrations to properly retrieve the owner contact from and Office365. There’s at least three different ways that the owner contact is returned from these sources. Anyway, we found that for some of the various possible combinations of developer accounts, OAuth flows and Contacts APIs, the owner contact was not in one of the three usual places. So we’re now looking in a fourth place to make sure we get it every time.
  • People do crazy things. Sometimes, users of our widget will even upload VCard data on the CSV import page! Can you imagine? We now do the right thing in this nutty situation.
  • Our widget got some love too. The most interesting fix this month was to correct the display on mobile devices when there is more than one email for a contact. OK, that wasn’t so interesting but we’re proud of it anyway.
  • We took some preventative measures and moved a bunch of non-urgent reporting queries to the read-replica to keep access on the master database need-to-write-only. Everythings works more smoothly and our CPU graphs are oh so pretty.

January, 2017

  • Microsoft supports accessing and Office365 via a common API. Existing branding just works™ with the new APIs. However, you might want to update your Microsoft branding to take advantage of simpler permissions.
  • We found out that the new API supports most email accounts. Our system will still support the old version of the API until 100% of email accounts use the new API.
  • We were not closing the widget if the OAuth window was closed before the flow completed. This left the widget UI waiting endlessesly. We taught the widget to know better and now it packs itself up when this happens.
  • selectLimit was hard to change after the widget had already loaded. Now you can set this option to be a function that returns the value you want. This is handy if your users may import multiple times on a single page load.
  • We published our first case study. It’s about Gainfully who improved their product and their onboarding with our service.
  • We finally published this changelog page!

December, 2016

  • We updated the original widget include to serve the universal snippet bootstraping code. This won’t migrate customers to the universal snippet automatically, but it will make the migration even easier.

November, 2016

  • Oh, ho! We got a new homepage!
  • An obscure CSV upload bug got squashed; sometimes the proper delimiter was not being detected properly in very small CSV files.
  • WindowsLive now supports the newer API and will fail back to using the deprecated Live Contacts API. We will continue supporting the deprecated API while Microsoft migrates existing address books to support. There is no change required to your integration.
  • French language support for the new widget! Just use locale: 'fr'.
  • We buttoned down CSS isolation in the new widget. Your site styles are beautiful on your site. They don’t necessarily mix well into our widget UI.
  • Now displays the selection limit message as needed when a user clicks on “Select All”.

October, 2016

  • Environmental update: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is an exciting improvement to the widget! When a user attempts to connect their address book a second time, we can now instantly display it. It is a big improvement to the UX with full transparency to the user. This is also a great tool for customers to reduce integration complexity, reduce the scope of PII and reduce the cost of their service. Wow!
  • Numerous issues were affecting IE10 and below because we were using ECMAScript 5 features that were not supported. We reined in our horses and now use IE friendly Javascript instead.
    Long contact names were breaking onto two lines which messed up the uniformity of the list of contacts. No longer!
    An empty address book was raising an exception when displaying no contacts. This is fixed too.
  • When you went to add a team member to your account, you saw the hideous old widget UI! Don’t worry, the soothing new widget is in place. We appologize for any eyes that were scratched out becuase of this oversight.

September, 2016

  • CSV Level-up: We added CORS support to our /c/csv endpoint to support our client libraray.
    CSV files with alternative separators used to require quotation characters around each field. We thought this was an unreasonable expectation when we found out about it breaking import for folks in non-North American markets.
  • We now show names in the widget, even when name is not specified in the list of fields to include.
    Our script behaved badly when it was included multiple times on a single page. Now it behaves properly if you accidentally on purpose, add it twice.
    If you made a typo in your credentials in the new widget you couldn’t submit the form again unless you closed the widget. Well it’s fixed now. Also we notify the user sooner when returning from the OAuth flow by throwing up the loading screen as soon as the widget code loads.
  • When the widget opens a popup window, it now opens in the centre of the browser window, right over top of the widget. Several customers have asked for this over the past year and now that we see how much better it works, we wish that we’d made time to change it sooner!
  • Fixed integration with the new widget
  • CORS! Any of our API endpoints will respond to an OPTIONS request in public.
    More CORS! The widget can now accept a file upload via CORS.
  • iCloud now supports users with 2-factor authentication enabled!
  • The widget now responds to dynamic HTML. If you add a link to the page, calling cloudsponge.init will find it and enable it to launch the widget!

August, 2016

  • The new widget offers standard translations for English, Brazilian Portuguese and Bulgarian.

July, 2016

  • The new widget is generally available! Read about the new features, why you should upgrade and some of the benefits.
  • source fix for changes in the source origin service
    Mail2World source fix for changes in the source origin service
    BOL source fix for changes in the source origin service
    Naver source fix for changes in the source origin service

June, 2016

  • New Widget Beta was released.
  • Fix Rediff not importing contacts for different servers Fix DOB in the date format change to DD.MM.YYYY

May, 2016

  • New Status Server structure, adding tests for all fields imported.
  • Fix QIP.Ru tests in status server

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