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Integration Partner​

Easily integrate your product with our award winning Contact Picker to enable users to access their email address books directly from your user interface!


Influencer Partner

Help your ardent followers accelerate their business growth by promoting our award winning Contact Picker via shout-outs, coupons or promotional giveaways!


Agency Partner

Help your clients grow at a rapid pace with our award winning Contact Picker white-labeled and bundled along with your services!

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3 months free of our Branded plan for 5 of your best customers!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate with just a link?

Yup. Once you’re a partner you can use your link in articles on your blog or in your newsletter. We’ll even promote them for you if it’s appropriate.

How can I co-market with CloudSponge?

Co-marketing is our JAM! Select a plan above to see available options or contact us to discuss how we can make the most from our partnership.

What happens with chargebacks and reversals?

We let FirstPromoter handle all this messy stuff. We just send all of the subscription events to them and they sort it out for you.

Can I integrate somehow?

Absolutely. That’s our favorite type of partnership since it makes it trivial for your customer to realize the value. We even have a playbook for it.

Do I need a CloudSponge account?

Nope. You just need an account in our FirstPromoter partner portal. We have a full set of instructions to help you get started!

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

Nope, this is a genuine win-win-win. Nothing would make us happier than paying out huge commissions to you every month.

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