You need to integrate with several address books like

  • Google Contacts API
  • Yahoo Contacts API
  • Outlook REST APIs
  • AOL Contacts API
  • iCloud Address Book
  • Office365 Contacts API

Get them all with a single integration and none of the headaches

Simple REST API that integrates your code with dozens of address book providers around the world

Normalized contacts payloads so you don’t have to worry about different formats for each provider

24/7 automated uptime monitoring and dedicated technical staff who keep everything working perfectly

How it works

1. Install

Integrate with your website

Create an account to get your API key and download one of our code libraries to get a quick start.

2. Get Permission

Your users controls who can access their contacts

We’ll give you a custom URL for each user that walks them through the authentication process.

3. Wait

“Please Wait” while we download the address book

You can monitor our progress while we download the contacts and present your user with a progress indicator, spinning beach ball, pinwheel or whatever your designers prefer.

4. Download

Grab it while you can, we’re only going to keep it in memory for a few minutes

You can get it in XML or JSON format, whatever is most convenient for your application.

Defeng Guo

“It literally took us 10 minutes to integrate with CloudSponge and it doubled the number of invitations sent by our customers.”

Dafeng Guo


CloudSponge has been doing an excellent job for us. The team has been extremely helpful and responsive to our needs.

Andy Hao

Chief Technology Officer,

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