Contacts API

CloudSponge offers its very own RESTful Address Book API to connect your web application to the contact sources. Use this method if you want to provide a user experience that is not supported by our contact picker interface.

Despite there being three different user authentication methods, importing contacts with the API follows a similar 3-stage asynchronous process.

Step 1: Get Permission – Your application initiates an address book import by calling the “Begin Import” URL, specifying the user authentication method, the address book source, plus any other additional information required. The API returns a result object containing a unique identifier for subsequent calls to the API, and in some cases data needs to be displayed in the user’s browser.

Step 2: Wait For Import – Your application polls the “Events” URL and receives a result object indicating the current Import Events. These events notify you of the current progress of the import, if any errors have occurred, or when the import is complete. You can optionally display these Import Events to the user’s browser.

Step 3: Download – Once you have received a successful “complete” Import Event, you can retrieve the contacts payload from the API directly or from a database configured for your account.

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