Your CloudSponge Key is how you identify your account when you use our address book services. How you use your key depends on the type of integration that you are using.

Pre-built Integrations

Add the Contact Picker to your site is easy with any of our pre-built CMS integrations. For these, you just need to copy your CloudSponge Key and add it to your integration. Since each integration is configured differently, please refer to yours for specific instructions. You’ll find a list of our current integrations here. This is the quickest, but least configurable, way to access your users’ address books with CloudSponge.

Basic Website Integration

You can add your Contact Picker to any page on your site with our Contact Picker JavaScript Snippet. Start with the basic snippet and then explore our configuration options to customize the heck out of it. This method requires you to be able to update the HTML for your site. It’s a good balance between ease of installation and customization.

Contacts API

You are very comfortable working with backend code and you want to command every pixel of the user experience if you choose the REST API. We support several API Libraries for server-side technologies to ease your integration efforts. Just remember, you’ll need to create your own user interface for requesting or viewing the address book. Here’s our Contacts API documentation.

Authentication Issues

When you use your Key, our system identifies that your account is in good standing and that access is permitted from the current website. Successful authentication means that the request is permitted to continue.

There are a couple of common reasons why authentication with your CloudSponge key may fail:

  • Your subscription may have expired.
  • You might be using a key from a development account on a production website (localhost-only).
  • You might be loading an HTML page from your file system rather than on a local webserver. See how to run a local server.

In either case, sign in to your CloudSponge account and verify your subscription state and the key you are using. We are here to help so contact us and we’ll help you with specifics.