Developer Resources

A quick reference index to everything you need to start tinkering with our picker and API.

Free JavaScript Contact Picker License for Developers

We’ve published a special license that you can use in your development environments (such as `localhost`). Get fully functional HTML pages to get started in our public `widget-examples` Github repository.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of these questions are of the non-technical variety, but it’s worth a quick skim if you’re just getting oriented with CloudSponge.


This is our comprehensive guide to all things CloudSponge. It’s long, but it’s exhaustive 🙂

Address Book Provider Icons

We’ve put together a variety of address book provider iconsets for you to choose from if you don’t have a designer handy to build your own.

API Wrappers

We have a bunch of API wrappers available that make it easy to get started with our REST API. These are only useful for you if you don’t want to use our JavaScript contact picker. You will need to create an account to get a REST API key.

Configuration Code Samples

Most of the time, when a developer asks us for help with a configuration problem, we answer them by writing a Gist and sharing it. That way we’ve accumulated a library of useful Gists for people like you.

Address Book Fields

It’s our job to normalize the world’s address books. Unfortunately they don’t all have the exact same fields, so we have this handy spreadsheet that shows you which fields are included with each contact provider.

Slack Community

We recently launched a public CloudSponge Slack team so that you can jump in for a quick chat with us and other CloudSponge community members.

Email Support

We love talking to our past, present and future customers. Seriously. Drop us a line and tell us what you’re working on and we do everything we can to help you.

Phone Support

You can also book a 15-minute meeting with Jay Gibb (our CEO) or Graeme Rouse (our CTO) if you prefer a phone call.

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