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How An E-Card Company Achieved 40% Growth By Improving Its Viral Loop

Two lessons from Greenvelope on building viral loops that ignite growth.


How To Onboard Invited Users To Retain Them For Longer

4 strategies that will help you convince invited users to continue using your product.


How To Launch A Referral-invite Program And Immediately Boost Viral Growth

Discover how refer-a-friend programs work and what you need to do to launch one in your company.


How To Optimize A Refer-a-friend Program To Inspire More Users To Talk About Your Product

Discover 4 strategies that will boost the performance of your friend referral program


The Complete Teardown of JustFab’s Referral Program

Discover how JustFab works referral-miracles with a vanity URL and mobile-friendly referral features.


How To Generate More Email And Social Media Traffic To Fundraising Projects

Discover how to increase the click-through rate of any social shares and emails users send from your fundraising platform.


This Is How To Generate More Shares For Fundraising Initiatives

Discover 4 UX and usability strategies that will help you boost fundraising and crowdfunding project shares.


4 Crowdfunding Backer Rewards That Will Entice More Visitors To Support Projects

Which incentives entice backers to support and fund projects (and which ones put them off.)


How To Help Users Share Crowdfunding Projects With Friends And Family

Discover why helping users share projects with friends and family will boost your growth.


Stitch Fix's Referral Program Teardown

Learn how using a Mailto link for their referral emails affects Stitch Fix's user experience.


4 Referral Program Metrics That Will Help You Boost Its ROI

Discover the 4 metrics that will help prove your referral program's effectiveness.


This is How to Promote a Referral Program Beyond Just the Website

Learn 6 strategies that will help you amplify your referral program’s reach.


This Is How To Get Recipients To Open Your Referral Email

Discover factors that affect referral email open rate, and how to convince more recipients to open them.


The Most Important Sharing Channels For Any Referral Program

Discover what sharing channels you should use in your referral program, and which ones deliver the best results.


The Complete Teardown of Hired’s Referral Program

A tactical analysis of the talent-matching juggernaut’s referral program.


How To Activate More Trial Users With Customer Feedback Loops

Discover how to learn why users try out your product, and use this insight to convert them into paying customers.


How to Boost Low User Activation

Discover a 3-step process that will help you increase user activation, and convert more trial users into customers.


This is How to Create a User Activation Drip Campaign

Discover how to create a sequence that will help convert more trial users into paying customers.


How To Overcome The Lengthy Enterprise Sales Process in SaaS

Discover how onboarding companies from bottom up helps SaaS brands shorten the sales cycle.


How To Use The Psychology Of Sharing To Boost Product Recommendations

Discover why customers recommend products and how to use this insight in practice.


5 Tactics That Will Help You Re-Engage Inactive Users

Restart user engagement: Discover 5 strategies SaaS companies use to re-engage their users and boost user engagement.


This is How to Measure User Engagement And Identify Viral Growth Opportunities

Discover 5 metrics brands use to identify their most engaged users and use that insight to boost viral growth.


How To Increase User Engagement For Faster Growth

Expert advice on boosting engagement to get more referrals and viral growth.


The Ultimate Guide to Using Viral Loops to Grow an eCard Company

This guide will teach you how to design a viral loop that will help your eCard company grow with every new card your users send.


Improving User Onboarding: The Ultimate Guide for Product and Growth Managers

This guide will show you how to identify your app's activation point and drive users to it.


How Airbnb Built One Of The Most Successful Referral Programs Ever

Building on top of the widely accepted notion that referrals can help grow your business, Airbnb developed a new breed of referral program that set a new standard.


The Ultimate Guide To Motivating Users To Invite Their Friends To A New Platform

Learn everything there is about motivating users to send friend invitations.


Google OAuth Developer Reviews Explained

Google has started to individually review apps requesting access to user's contact data. This tutorial walks you through how to prepare and apply for an app review.


Restoring Junit XML Report to Jasmine

Jasmine 2 lost the --junitreport and --output params


Best Practice: Google Developer Accounts for Agencies

Outlines the best practice for managing several customer's Google Developer accounts.


How We Got Smarter in 2015

Last year's best growth content from Balfour, Efti, Schultz, and more.


Mixergy Interview with Jay Gibb, CEO and Founder of CloudSponge

Andrew Warner digs deep into story of why we created CloudSponge.


5 Steps To Preserving Your Most Precious Resource

Don’t strive for perfection, there’s a law of diminishing returns that’s working against you.


How Your Byproducts Could Save Your Ass

Your first idea failed, but you might have already built something that won’t.