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CloudSponge As A Data Processor Under GDPR

Great news! CloudSponge complies with the GDPR's Data Processing requirements.

Yandex is Back

Good news! support is back.

Yahoo's Contacts API has a new Quirk

This week, most of our Yahoo imports started failing. Here's what we learned about this issue and how we worked around a new quirk in Yahoo's authorization to keep our service stable.

RIP: Plaxo

After 15 years, Plaxo is no more. It is a sad day.

Widget Update: Lighter, Faster, Stronger

We’ve just completed some big changes to our widget that you may not have noticed.

Customizing the Way Contacts are Displayed in the Address Book Widget

The CloudSponge Address Book Widget is very versatile. Our customers have adapted the list of contacts for many different situations and requirements. Here's how.

Creating your Google OAuth developer credential

This is a complete walkthrough for setting up your CloudSponge account to be able to connect to Google address books.

Nextdoor's Head of Growth Engineering Discusses Viral Growth

How Nextdoor used CloudSponge to accelerate platform invitations

Cloudbleed Report

TL;DR No worries, we don't use CloudFlare.

AOL Fixation

Starting Jan 3, 2017, some of our customers and users may have noticed that AOL address books were not connecting reliably. In fact, most of them were failing. We researched the issue and raised it with AOL’s development team and they quickly resolved the issue.

Breaking Changes to Custom CSS

We have updated the HTML in our new widget and it will affect anyone using custom CSS.

A Conversation With Gainfully CEO Cameron Nordholm

How Gainfully cut project timeline by 80% and accelerated user onboarding with CloudSponge

What's so great about the new widget?

Yes, our new widget is beautiful, but it's about much more than just aesthetics.

Update Your Integration to Use Our New Address Book Widget

Existing customers can modernize the address book widget now.

Announcing Our New Address Book Widget

We rebuilt our address book widget from the ground up and we know you're going to love it.

Your Gmail Address Books Integration Needs to be Updated

As part of our commitment to privacy, we're ensuring that customers use their own Google Developer account.

Export your Contacts to CSV

We've published our internal tool as a micro site

Google Chrome is blocking our Java-based desktop importers

Google released Chrome 45, completely removing the Java plugin support

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Revisions

Please review our latest revisions.

Say Goodbye to the OAuth Popup Window (if you want)!

Our widget has a new option that helps it work better on mobile devices. This will keep the user experience in a single browser window for best compatibility on mobile devices.

Please Update Your Snippet to our Universal Snippet

Attention Customers! We've updated our snippet code.

Enhanced Services Endpoint

We've enhanced our /services endpoint

Goodbye Facebook

Facebook v2.0 has made our integration useless.

Gmail OAuth2: Broken and Fixed

Gmail import broke for about 2 hours today.

Facebook Integration is Winding Down :(

Facebook friends are no longer available and our integration won't be useful much longer.

Updating Yahoo Integration to OAuth2 is Easy

We've updated our Yahoo integration to use their new OAuth2 authentication.

Your CloudSponge Branding Needs Attention

Attention customers! Google branding must be OAuth2.0

Import Contacts from UOL, Terra and BOL

We've added contact importing for UOL, Terra and BOL.

Facebook Integration is Coming

Join our Facebook Integration waiting list to get early access to our new Facebook import feature.

CloudSponge 2013 Year In Review

A brutally honest reflection of 2013 by the people behind CloudSponge.

Yahoo! Shenanigans

A breakdown of our diagnosis of recent Yahoo Contact API failures.

A 300% Increase in Import Conversions because Windows Live Changes (again!)

Windows Live has changed often lately, but if you were using CloudSponge you probably didn’t notice.

Gmail OAuth Gets an Update

Google deprecated their OAuth1.0 implementation some time ago and we've finally updated our service to use the newer OAuth2.0.

AOL OAuth is Coming!

We've obtained OAuth access to AOL's contacts API, which means that we'll be able to provide a much improved user experience along the lines of Gmail and Yahoo imports.

AOL is Back!

We built a CSV import for AOL that mirrors our support for imports

Improved CSV User Experience

We made some major improvements to the user experience for CSV file imports.

We're Adapting our Hotmail Support

The user experience for our CSV imports needs to be improved, we're working on it.

We are Prepared for June 25, 2012

Our support for Windows Live/MSN/Hotmail will continue after June 25, 2012 without our customers having to do any development.

Introducing Our Multilingual Contact Importer Widget

You can customize the language or even the tone of the widget to match your site.

Announcing Deep Widget Links

Deep widget links allow you to hyperlink to each address book source directly on your page and style them however you like.

BuddyPress Integration (via Invite Anyone Plugin)

We've made it easy to add CloudSponge contact importing to your BuddyPress site.