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February 22, 2021

Better Sharing for WordPress Lives!

We’ve been hard at work, in the isolation of pandemic and snow, to publish our Better Sharing plugin on….

July 14, 2020

Default OAuth Credentials are Visible

Ever looked at your CloudSponge account and wondered where the default OAuth credentials come from for Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL?…

April 08, 2020

CloudSponge Referral Program

Unofficially, CloudSponge has always had a referral program. For 10 years now, anytime we’ve been made aware of a referrer…

September 13, 2019

BOL is Back

BOL changed their authentication process which caused our address book integration with them to break. Users were seeing an error…

December 13, 2018

Lapsing LinkedIn Support

It’s a sad day for us. We have to report that our LinkedIn support has been severely limited for the…