April 08, 2020

CloudSponge Referral Program

Unofficially, CloudSponge has always had a referral program. For 10 years now, anytime we’ve been made aware of a referrer or have been asked for a referral reward we’ve happily rewarded it manually, so it’s high time that we finally formalized the whole thing and made it a little more obvious to people who don’t think to ask.

Now, every CloudSponge customer can log into their account to see their personal referral portal. It looks a little like this:

Click on “Give CloudSponge” on the left side of our customer portal to find your unique referral link.

We’re offering our customers $50 for each new customer they bring us, and we’re giving the new customer a 10% discount on their first year of CloudSponge service.

It’s currently only available to existing customers, so it’s not an affiliate program where influencers can make money by referring their networks. If you want that kind of relationship, we do that too, just contact us and we’ll get you set up.

Jay Gibb, CEO/Founder at CloudSponge

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