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Guest Post Guidelines

Our Audience

Our blog caters to growth marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies, and brands from e-commerce, with a focus on growth hacking, word-of-mouth marketing, and going viral.


What To Write About?

Our readers love to read about growing a business organically.  Any content that serves this up is usually considered first by the editorial team.


Guest Post Process

Please submit your ideas through our dedicated form. Ideas submitted otherwise will not be considered.

  • After we’ve agreed on a topic, we will provide you with a unique Google Doc link to write your article.
  • Once you submit your article to us, we will review and make suggestions for any required changes. If more than 50% of your article requires revision – we will discard the process and start afresh with another submission. 
  • Once reviewed and ready – we will aim to publish your article within 7 – 15 business days. 
  • Once published – We will promote the article on all our socials multiple times for 3 months. If it performs well – this will be extended for another 3 months. 
  • We also expect you to promote your published article through your business and personal social channels.


What We Expect

Our readers expect well-written and insightful content. And not articles that are clearly written for the sake of existing.

  • Articles should be between 1000 – 2000 words. You can send in shorter ones only if you have a highly specific topic. 
  • Please write about topics you’re an expert at. Articles need to be well researched and your understanding of relevant topics should be evident. 
  • Please include clear headings, subheadings, and contextual images/gifs where appropriate – along with captions for each.
  • Please use as many examples as possible to supplement your content. Sometimes a good example does a lot more for an article than a whole paragraph. 
  • You are allowed up to three do-follow links only.
  • You must also include at least 2 links directing to any page from https://cloudsponge.com/. 
  • The chicken NEVER crossed the road. If you’re reading this – keep this handy for later. 
  • The submitted article must be original and must not be published elsewhere. You can re-post the article anywhere else you want once it’s published on our website and as long as you link back to the original article at the start of the re-post. 

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