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Let your users create recipient lists directly from their address books without leaving your website.


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Your Referral Program Could Be
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Adding our Address Book Widget to your referral form will double or triple its reach. Instantly.

Making it so that your users don’t have to leave your site to look up email addresses for your refer-a-friend form will have a massive impact on your growth.

Amplify My Referral Program

It literally took us 10 minutes to integrate with CloudSponge and it doubled the number of invitations sent by our customers

Dafeng Guo


Our three year average in a before and after [CloudSponge] comparison…resulted in a 65% increase in the number of emails sent.

Tea Ho

Product Designer at

Optimizing Your Invitation Form Could Triple Your Reach

The world’s best e-card, e-vite and fundraising platforms all have one thing in common… none of them make their users type email addresses into their recipient forms.

Stop making your users mess around with CSV files. Add our Address Book Widget to your recipient form so they can search, select and share contacts without leaving your website.

Optimize My Invitation Form

CloudSponge has been an important driver of viral member growth because it allows those who are motivated to invite to do so in bulk.

Ben Springwater

Product Manager at Nextdoor

Integrating CloudSponge was a snap. It makes it easy for our users to invite their friends and family to join Kiva.

Paul Ericksen

Senior Software Engineer, Kiva

Integrate With Dozens Of Address Book Providers At Once

Every social network needs to let its users import their contacts to quickly find friends that they already know. It elementary. Social Networks 101.

Our Address Book Widget and RESTful Contacts API give you a single point of integration for dozens of address book providers so that you don’t have to integrate with each of them yourself.

Integrate Dozens Of Address Books

From a development perspective it was amazing to get all the different data sources integrated into the product with just one actual development integration for our team.

Cameron Nordholm

CEO of Gainfully

If we were to build and maintain this technology on our own, it would likely cost us roughly 30 to 50 times the cost of using CloudSponge.

Walter Turner

Vice President of Product at Spokeo

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