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Stop making your users type their friends' email addresses.

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People are easily distracted.

Making your users leave their browser window to look up their friends' email addresses is hurting your growth. Our widget keeps them in their browser, on your site, focused on selecting friends from their address book.

The world's address books at your fingertips.

 Easy Installation

Just point our widget to your referral form's "To" field and you're done.

 Totally Customizable

Make it match the style of your website with your own stylesheet and text strings.

 White Labelled

Remove all CloudSponge branding and replace it with your own company name and logo.

 Global Coverage

Get reliable access to popular webmail address books from all over the world with a single integration.

We take our responsibility for the privacy of this data very seriously.

We delete every email address that passes through our server. Nothing sensitive ever gets written to disk. So far, we've deleted over 4 billion of them. Spammers can't believe how stupid we are. You can trust us. We promise.

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