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Our customers typically double the number of referrals that their customers make by adding the CloudSponge Address Book Widget to their referral forms.

Our Address Book Widget only takes a few minutes to install and you can try it on your production website for two weeks before starting your subscription.

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Keeping Your Users Focused
Will Make You Grow Faster

Making your users leave your website to look up contact information in a different tab or window is killing your referral program’s performance.

Your users will be able to access their address books right on your website so they don’t lose their patience with copying and pasting email addresses into a comma-separated list on your refer-a-friend form.

Mistyped Email Addresses Are Missed Opportunities

Mistyped Email Addresses Are Missed Opportunities

Few things are more frustrating than when one of your happiest customers tries to refer a friend to your business and mistypes the email address.

Your users will be able to search their address books and select people right on your website so that they can never make a typo.

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You're Not Making Your Users Type On Mobile, Are You?

You're Not Making Your Users Type On Mobile, Are You?

Ever tried typing a comma-separated list of email addresses into a form field on your phone? You’re lucky if your users have the patience to type one address, let alone 5 or 10 of them.

Our mobile-first Address Book Widget includes inertial scrolling, local storage and one of those sweet tappable alphabets for a super premium user experience on touch screen devices that your users will love to use.

Your Site, Your Branding

Your Site, Your Branding

Having a seamlessly integrated address book interface that matches your branding perfectly will make your users feel right at home and keep them referring their friends over and over.

White labeling, webhooks, JavaScript callbacks, customizable CSS and dozens of configuration options all work together to make the CloudSponge address book widget feel like it was built natively inside your website.

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