You can make your Contact Picker your own by applying any of our options to it. These options will alter the display and behaviour of your Contact Picker.

Applying Options

Your Contact Picker options are combined in a plain Javascript Object using options names as the keys with the corresponding values. The list of options should be surrounded by curly braces and each option key-value pair should be separated by a comma.

The options object is applied to your Contact Picker by calling the cloudsponge.init() function and passing it your options object.

For example, you might want to customize the way the Choose your contacts list behaves by hiding the “Select All/None” link and limiting the maximum number of contacts that can be selected. You would apply the displaySelectAllNone and selectionLimit options like so:

  displaySelectAllNone: false,
  selectionLimit: 5

Finding Options

The list of options below is intended for reference. Our Contact Picker Examples and our Code Samples are organized by use case and may be a better tool for discovering the appropriate options.

If you have something in mind, ask us about it. We’re happy to hear how you are customizing your Contact Picker.