This is a custom value that we will associate inside our system. It can correspond to an identifier in your app to help track the owner of the address book. The userToken value will be returned in a successful address book as a member of the contacts_owner object.

Set the userToken directly in the call to cloudsponge.init like below:

  userToken: "myUserToken123456"

You can see an example of it in action here.

Warning! Cuidado! Caution! Achtung!

Our system does not capture identifying information so please don’t send us any. Acceptable values for userToken are things like an identifier within your system such as an integer column number or random token that connects to a user record in your system. We don’t allow email addresses, names or other personal information to be stored in this field. To prevent this, your userToken value can only contain numbers, letters and the following special characters: , . - / \.

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