Linking Options

Once you’ve got our JavaScript loading on the page, the next important step is figuring out how your user is going to invoke the picker. There are two approaches:

Menu Link

The default approach is to launch the picker to our menu using a single link. If you have limited space in your UI or are looking to get up and running quickly, this is the best option for you. Read more about the menu link.

Deep Links

You can skip our list of address books and show your own text or image links to launch the picker directly to a contact source using our deep links. This is the better choice if you want to highlight your most popular sources or if you’d rather display the list of sources your self. Read more about deep links.

Launch from Javascript

In some special cases, you might want to launch the contact picker from your own javascript code. You can also launch the picker to the sources menu or a specific source (under certain conditions) from your own code. Read more about launching from Javascript.

Keep in mind, there’s nothing stopping you from using a combination of all these approaches if you want.