Launches the contact picker. This function does nothing if the contact picker has not yet completed initialization. This is a handy function for launching the contact picker on a page load, or when more flexibility is required for starting the import.

The source parameter is optional; when omitted, the contact picker displays the sources menu. When a valid source is specified, the action launches directly to the specific import.

Valid sources are: gmailyahoo, windowsliveoutlookcom, office365, csv, linkedinaol, icloudoutlook, addressbook, mail_ru, uol, bol, terra, rediff, mail126, mail163, mail_yeah_net, gmx, qip_ru, sapo, mailcom, yandex_ru.

Take care when specifying any OAuth source (gmail, yahoo, windowslive, outlookcom, office365, or aol) because these sources will open a new browser window to complete the OAuth flow. The function will only succeed if called in a synchronous handler to a click event. This function won’t operate properly in a different window event handler or any asynchronous code. This function always returns false.