Developer Verification

Before you can create your Yahoo OAuth client, you’ll need to be verified as a developer. Visit the Yahoo Sender Hub and complete this form and complete all the fields, being sure to select CardDav as the API Required.

Once you submit, you should immediately receive an email to confirm that they received your request.

At this time there is no indication of how long the request will take to process.

Create your OAuth Client

After you follow these steps, your users will see your domain in the Yahoo Authentication window instead of ours.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, create a Proxy URL on your application’s domain.
  2. Sign in to the Yahoo Developer Portal with the Yahoo ID that is associated with your verified developer account.
  3. Create a new project to use the Contacts API. This account must have read access to Contacts. Also, we recommend that you check all the permissions under “OpenID Connect Permissions” if you intend to use the contact_owner property.
  4. Set the Callback Domain to your application’s domain. This value must match the host of your Proxy URL and must not include  https:// or any path. For example, if your Proxy URL is, your Callback Domain should be
  5. Verify your domain with Yahoo.
  6. Record the following values from your Yahoo project: Client ID & Client Secret.
  7. Sign in to your CloudSponge account and Add OAuth Credential from your keys page.
  8. Enter the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret and Application ID that you recorded above and your Proxy URL from step 1 above.
  9. To associate the branding with your site: click Sites, click the Assign OAuth button beside your site and choose the new branding in the Yahoo dropdown.
  10. Submit and test a Yahoo import.

Here you can see your the Yahoo Contact Importer Status

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