Getting Started

Introduction to CloudSponge

Making your users type their friend’s email addresses into your refer-a-friend form is a friction point that we’re in business to help you with. Our list of supported address books is always growing, send us an email if you don’t see one that’s important to you. Also, you may find answers to your questions in our Frequently Asking Questions or Developer Resources pages.

The first step is to create your company’s CloudSponge account or get an invitation to your company’s account if someone else already created it.

Once you can log into your account, you’ll see your company’s Contact Picker Snippet that will add our picker to any site you use it on. Everything else you need to know is right here in the developer documentation.

If you’d rather build a completely custom interface, you’re welcome to integrate with our REST API instead of using our picker.

Both options allow you to remove the CloudSponge branding in addition to several other customization options.