Latest News from CloudSponge

December 05, 2013

Yahoo! Shenanigans

A breakdown of our diagnosis of recent Yahoo Contact API failures.

November 20, 2013

Gmail OAuth Gets an Update

Google deprecated their OAuth1.0 implementation some time ago and we’ve finally updated our service to use the newer OAuth2.0.

September 06, 2013

AOL OAuth is Coming!

We’ve obtained OAuth access to AOL’s contacts API, which means that we’ll be able to provide a much improved user experience along the lines of Gmail and Yahoo imports.

August 21, 2013

AOL is Back!

We built a CSV import for AOL that mirrors our support for imports

June 14, 2012

We are Prepared for June 25, 2012

Our support for Windows Live/MSN/Hotmail will continue after June 25, 2012 without our customers having to do any development.

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