Enhanced Services Endpoint

We've enhanced our /services endpoint

May 21, 2015

Our /services endpoint is a little known feature of our API. We initially added it to provide a way for customers to test the import type or flow of certain ‘unstable’ sources so that they could disable them if they didn’t want the back-up method.

Historically, these unstable sources were AOL and Outlook.com (FKA Windows Live, MSN, Hotmail, and others!). Since both of these providers now use OAuth 2.0 and have stable APIs, they don’t change frequently like they did in the old days of importing and the data on the /services endpoint has remained pretty static for a long time.

Well that changes tonight. I’ve added all our sources to the endpoint so that anyone who wants to query our current sources is welcome to do so.

The endpoint is available in XML or JSON format, if you omit the format, JSON is assumed.

GET https://api.cloudsponge.com/services(.format)

The response is just a hash of key/values. Each key corresponds to the name of one of our integrations and can be used in the REST API or the widget. The value is another hash of interesting properties for each source. Currently, we return enabled and import_type for all sources. import_type will be one of “OAUTH”, “CSV”, “USERNAME_PASSWORD” or “DESKTOP”. As a bonus, I’ve added the download_url for LinkedIn which is the URL where we send users to export their LinkedIn CSV file.

  # ...
  # ...

You can view the endpoint in your browser in JSON or XML format.

So, any suggestions for other data you’d like to see here?

blog/avatars/graeme.jpg Graeme Rouse
CTO at CloudSponge

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