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Our engineering teams do all the heavy lifting to get the Contact Picker to work with your product. Your customers simply grab a license and installation instructions from us to get started. 


*Most Preferred*

Purchase our product licenses in bulk at discounted rates to white label the Contact Picker and include it with your product and services. Your customers pay and interact with you directly.


*Most Wanted*

Your engineering teams bake in the option to enable the Contact Picker in your UI settings to offer your customers a seamless installation experience after purchasing a license from us.

*B.Y.O.K = Bring Your Own Key

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Easy onboarding for your customers with detailed product documentation!


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Promote your product to our audience and showcase us to yours!


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Contribute to our blog that’s shared across multiple distribution channels!


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Get featured on our bi-monthly newsletter to nearly 3k subscribers!


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Get a spot on our integrations list to be discovered by all of our customers!


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Video demo of your product on our Youtube channel!


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Get mentioned on Podcasts every time CloudSponge is featured!


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Get promoted once every week across our socials for 3 months!


Promotional Giveaways​

3 months free of our Branded plan for 5 of your best customers!


Retargeting Campaigns

Drive more sign ups with strategic messaging promoting our products!


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Collaborate to bring the best from both worlds to new and old audiences!


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Become famous with brand mentions in top tier news sites!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate with just a link?

Yup. Once you’re a partner you can use your link in articles on your blog or in your newsletter. We’ll even promote them for you if it’s appropriate.

How can I co-market with CloudSponge?

Co-marketing is our JAM! Contact us to discuss how we can get the most out of our partnership.

What happens with chargebacks and reversals?

We let FirstPromoter handle all this messy stuff. We just send all of the subscription events to them and they sort it out for you.

Can I integrate somehow?

Absolutely. That’s our favorite type of partnership since it makes it trivial for your customer to realize the value. We even have a playbook for it.

Do I need a CloudSponge account?

Nope. You just need an account in our FirstPromoter partner portal. We have a full set of instructions to help you get started!

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

Nope, this is a genuine win-win-win. Nothing would make us happier than to make huge payments to you every month.

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