Volume Pricing

Bundle our magic into your product and take all the credit. We're cool with it.

As low as $5 per site* plus 5¢ per address book

* for more than 50 site licenses


  • Use your own OAuth credentials

  • Fully managed SaaS infrastructure

  • 24/7 automated uptime monitoring

  • Optimized for privacy and GDPR compliance

  • Co-marketing opportunities

  • White-label branding and customizations

  • Separate settings for each site license

  • Site-specific analytics and charts

walter turner

If we were to build and maintain this technology on our own, it would likely cost us roughly 30 to 50 times the cost of using CloudSponge.

Walter Turner

Vice President of Product at Spokeo

Cameron Nordholm

From a development perspective it was amazing to get all the different data sources integrated into the product with just one actual development integration for our team.

Cameron Nordholm

CEO of Gainfully

Defeng Guo

“It literally took us 10 minutes to integrate with CloudSponge and it doubled the number of invitations sent by our customers.”

Dafeng Guo

Co-Founder, Striking.ly

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a contract?

Nah. We offer free no-hassle cancellation at any time.  We don’t force any long-term contracts on anyone. We provide prorated refunds for customers who cancel annual subscriptions mid-term.

Are there other bulk integration options?

Absolutely. You can be a partner where your customers bring their own CloudSponge key with them and you make a commission from us.

How can I co-market with CloudSponge?

Co-marketing is our JAM! Contact us to discuss how we can get the most out of our partnership.

How do I add a site to my account?

It’s easy! Simply go to the sites module in your CloudSponge account to add, remove or block sites.

Will I be charged for inactive sites?

Not even! With volume pricing, you are only charged for sites that download at least one address book in any given month.

What if I want fewer than 50 licenses?

The first 10 licenses are $45 each, sites 11 to 50 are $25 each, then they’re $5 each after that.

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