Our Address Book Widget can display in any language. We support a number of language packs with this option which will change the language that is displayed by the widget.

The widget does not automatically detect the language. Your application will need to set it explicitly if you want to display a language other than English.

Our growing list of languages includes Chinese, Dutch, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Bulgarian. Contact us if you want a different language.

If you want to change a few of the default labels on the widget, look at localeData instead. It is intended to be used to change the default messaging on a few targeted phrases in the widget. Please don’t use these two options together. The behaviour is not defined.

For example, you may invoke this code as the page loads or update the language at any time. Please note that calling cloudsponge.init resets the widget and will close it if it is currently open.

  // other widget options ...
  // let's change the language to something else, like French:
  locale: 'fr'

Type: string
Default: en
Sets the language to one of our standard translations. Currently supports 'cn', 'nl', 'fr', 'pt-br', or 'bg'.