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Mixergy Interview with Jay Gibb, CEO and Founder of CloudSponge

Andrew Warner digs deep into story of why we created CloudSponge.


I learn a lot from podcasts and one of my all time favorites is Mixergy. I’ve been listening to Andrew Warner interviews for about 5 years now, so it was a great honor when he invited me to be his next victim.

I say “victim” because his interview style can be pretty intimidating. He always digs deep into the Wayback machine or with SimilarWeb to find old website versions, old ad campaigns or really any kind of dirt he can dig up that demonstrates the nitty gritty parts an entrepreneur’s journey.

Sometimes it catches his interviewees off guard and makes them uncomfortable. He’ll dig into topics that they’d rather not discuss and try two or three times to get them to talk about it anyway. Sometimes he’s successful and sometimes he’s not, but he always tries.

To say the least I was a little nervous going into it, but I’m glad I did it and I think it turned out great.

Without further ado, here’s the interview.

If you’d like to read a transcript instead, you can find it on the Mixergy website or you can listen to the iTunes podcast if like.

Jay Gibb, CEO/Founder at CloudSponge

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