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Email Contact Importing for Crowdfunding Platforms

Raise more funds and accelerate donor growth by giving users access to their contacts while on your website. CloudSponge is the simplest way to get users to share Crowdfunding campaigns with people they contact on a regular basis.

Integrating CloudSponge was a snap. It makes it easy for our users to invite their friends and family to join Kiva.

Paul Ericksen

Senior Software Engineer, Kiva


Gain access to more potential donors and supporters. Email address books contain an average of 350 email contacts.


Immediately integrate with over 30 popular email providers like Google, Outlook, and Yahoo.


Keep donors and supporters from leaving your site to look up their friends’ email addresses. Our widget keeps them in their browser, on your site, focused on selecting friends from their address book.


Your donor’s data is safe: We purge every email address that passes through our system after it’s delivered to our client. So far we’ve wiped over 4 billion (with a B) email addresses.

How Crowdfunding Platforms Use CloudSponge

  • Empower users to quickly invite their webmail contacts to join the fundraising platform without leaving your website.

  • Make it easier for passionate supporters to share donation requests and and inspire support for campaigns by giving them access to their friends, family, and colleagues in their contact address book.

  • Amplify campaign supporters by letting them announce their donation to the world and encourage other to help make a difference.
    Allow campaign creators to jumpstart a fundraising campaign by quickly inviting their personal network.

  • Begin building community on your platform by leveraging email address books to help users find people they know on the platform.

  • Help users grow the community by identifying contacts who haven’t yet joined and inviting them.

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