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Email Contact Importing for E-Commerce Websites

Your registration list could grow from a few to a few hundred.

Grow your attendance and get attendees to refer their friends, family, and colleagues by giving them access to their contacts while on your website. CloudSponge is the simplest way to get users send incentives to their friends to register for events, facilitate deeper connections with other users in their address book, and build community faster.

Defeng Guo

“It literally took us 10 minutes to integrate with CloudSponge and it doubled the number of invitations sent by our customers.”

Dafeng Guo


Integrating CloudSponge was a snap. It makes it easy for our users to invite their friends and family to join Kiva.

Paul Ericksen

Senior Software Engineer, Kiva

We picked CloudSponge because of the features they offer coupled with their robust SDKs and support.

Tim Cederman-Haysom

Director of Product, SurveyMonkey

Since implementing CloudSponge … more customers get through the process of sending an eCard.

Mike Bracco

Product Manager, JibJab

CloudSponge has been doing an excellent job for us. The team has been extremely helpful and responsive to our needs.

Andy Hao

Chief Technology Officer,


Gain access to more potential attendees. Email address books contain an average of 350 email contacts.


Immediately integrate with over 30 popular email providers like Google, Outlook, and Yahoo.


Keep users who want to refer friends or colleagues to events from leaving your site to look up their friends’ email addresses. Our widget keeps them in their browser, on your site, focused on selecting friends for referrals.


Your users’ data is safe: We purge every email address that passes through our system after it’s delivered to our client. So far we’ve wiped over 4 billion (with a B) email addresses.

How Event Companies Use CloudSponge

  • Allow attendees to easily invite friends, family, and colleagues contained in their address books to your event without leaving your site.

  • Make it easier for attendees or organizers to share event updates, highlight sponsors, and announce speakers by giving them access to their friends, family, and colleagues in their contact address book.

  • Amplify your reach by letting customers share attendance announcements with contacts in their address book.

  • Build community at events by leveraging email address books to foster connections between attendees and allowing users to make the most of their time.

  • Grow your attendance list more rapidly by identifying webmail contacts not currently registered and making it easier to send invitations and incentives.

  • Create tools that allow users to send discounts, credits, and reward incentives to aid signups for your event and drive viral growth.

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