CloudSponge for Social Networks

Grow Your User Base & Build Community Faster

Email Contact Importing for Social Networks

Grow your user base and get active users to refer their friends, family, and colleagues by giving them access to their contacts while on your website. CloudSponge is the simplest way to get users to invite their friends to join them on your social network, facilitate deeper connections with other users in their address book, and build richer community on your social network.

Gain access to more potential users. Email address books contain an average of 350 email contacts.

Immediately integrate with over 30 popular email providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

Keep users from leaving your site to look up their friends’ email addresses. Our widget keeps them in their browser, on your site, focused on selecting friends from their address book to send invites and reducing site abandonment.

Your users’ data is safe: We purge every email address that passes through our system after it’s delivered to our client. So far we’ve wiped over 4 billion (with a B) email addresses.

How Social Networks Use CloudSponge

Empower users to quickly invite their peer group to your social network without leaving your site.

Make it easier for users to share content external to your social network via email by giving them access to their friends, family, and colleagues in their contact address book.

Amplify your reach by letting customers share activity from the social network such check-ins or earning badges.

Build community within your social network by leveraging email address books to forge connections between users.

Grow your user base more rapidly by identifying webmail contacts not currently in your social network and making it easier to send invitations.

Create tools that allow customers to send beta invitations or offers to unlock new features to hundreds of potential customers in their address book to drive viral growth.

“People trust friends and family more than virtually any other information source; they pay 2x more attention to recommendations from friends than other sources. “ - McKinsey

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