CloudSponge Contact Importer for PHP

Additionally to our simple widget integration,
CloudSponge offers an API for PHP.

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Download files here:

The API consists of one main PHP file that provides an interface to API.

Other files are included to present an example of the usage of the library and API.


  • Unzip all files into a folder in your web directory.
  • Modify the contents of csconstants.php. Move this file to a central location where you will not copy over it with subsequent installs, and modify the require_once line in csimport.php to reflect this new location.
  • Point your browser at step_1_start.php in your web directory and run the sample import.


This library depends on PHP >= 5.2.0 or PECL json >= 1.2.0. If upgrading your version of PHP is not an option, consider installing the PECL json library.

Openssl and libcurl are also required. For HTTPS connections you may need to install a CA certificate bundle. A bundle has been converted for use with cURL by Haxx. Background

SSL Issues

SSL related errors are usually resolved by updating your CA certificate bundle. A certificate bundle has been converted for use with cURL by Haxx. You can read some background here.


  • csimport.php – library that interfaces with
  • step_1_start.php – Example start page that displays options to a user to import their contacts.
  • step_2_events.php – Example progress page that displays events as they become available.
  • step_3_contacts.php – Example completion page that displays the imported contacts.
  • popup.php – Example page that displays a popup to the user, to take them through the OAuth or DelAuth processes.
  • auth.php – Callback endpoint responsible for proxying WindowsLive authentication for
  • prototype.js – dependency for the sample pages to interact with the DOM.

Other languages than PHP

Don’t want to use PHP? Not a problem! CloudSponge offers API for several languages: PHP – Java – Ruby – .Net – ColdFusion – or even a Do-It-Yourself Approach, which uses a REST API to return Contacts in JSON format.

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