At CloudSponge we value trust, flexibility, and quality of life. Everyone works from their home offices (or wherever they want) and we mostly communicate in Slack. We enjoy interacting directly with our customers every chance we get.

We don’t do daily standups, but we do have recurring meetings to stay accountable to each other for specific projects. Developers spend their time in Github and we organize priorities using Zenhub Kanban pipelines. Everyone uses Google Docs/Sheets/Slides for collaboration and the content on our site is managed with WordPress. We use Zoho for CRM, customer support, and marketing automation.

People take vacations when they want, with the golden rule being respected above all. Just don’t block people, make sure you set expectations properly, and if you’re a single-point-of-failure for something then make sure you’re covered.

We all love working here and we think you will too. Check out the available positions below and introduce yourself to Jay in our Slack Workspace if it sounds like we’re a good fit.

Product Marketer

We are currently seeking to fill a full-time product marketing role. The ideal candidate has some experience with B2B SaaS product marketing and is comfortable using (and growing) their personal brand in forums, groups, and Q&A sites.

Here are some of the things you can expect to do to succeed in this role:

Execute Feature Launches

We’re constantly building the features that our customers want, and we need help promoting them. You’ll be creating on-site content to announce new features, plus maybe an occasional demo, tutorial, webinar, or playbook. You’ll handle influencer outreach to get people talking about our new features with their audiences, and when it’s appropriate you’ll orchestrate launches on platforms like Product Hunt.

Site Content

There’s a never-ending list of content that you’ll be creating for our site. Customer examples, playbooks, vertical pages, and comparison pages to name a few. Blog posts, news items, documentation, and landing pages to name a few more. Some of these things already exist, some of them don’t, some of them are half-baked or stale and need some love.

Community Outreach

There are growth hackers, developers, digital marketers, and product owners all over the internet who would love to know that CloudSponge exists. One of your perpetual tasks will be to stay tuned into Twitter hashtags, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, Quora topics, and StackOverflow tags to make sure that people who need our product know about it. SEO and SEM just aren’t enough nowadays, you’ve gotta get out there and insert yourself into the conversations that are happening and share the solutions that people need.

If that sounds interesting to you, then please come over and introduce yourself to Jay in our Slack Workspace right away.

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