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How We’ll Double Your Word-Of-Mouth Sales

More Sharing

Your users will share with more people if you let them select contacts from their address books on your website.

Stunning Open Rates

When your users select contacts from their address books, you can personalize the referral email “From” and “Subject” fields with any data that is available in their contact records.

Better Conversion Rates

Personalizing the body of the referral email with data fields from your users address books will help recipients recognize that the email was sent by someone they know.

Perfectly Tuned

Analytics reports that are hyper-focused on your sharing workflow give you endless insights into optimization opportunities for your iterations.

Jacob Marello

“We were averaging a count of 10.6 donors per family. After implementing CloudSponge we average about 18.2. So that’s a 72% increase in the number of contacts reached thanks to CloudSponge.”

Jacob Marello

Lead Software Developer at PledgeStar

The Better Sharing Workbook

Complete this 3-step workbook to start making incremental improvements to your e-commerce store’s word-of-mouth features immediately.

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